Want an HR team that’s closer, faster and easily understands your requirements and delivers the best? You’ve come to the right place. We believe in better staffing that builds a better managerial organization. We have a robust database and up-to-date market intelligence that allows us to headhunt people who fit the profile and then shortlist them for further consideration. Check out our prime services.

A 90 percent reduction in monthly billing rates.

Utilizing technology to find the best candidates for a position.

Emphasis on developing relationships with job seekers and industry to encourage ethical hiring and firing procedures.

For our clients, we have an industry-leading conversion rate of 85 percent.

We have recruiters with top-of-the-line talent identification skills and in-depth knowledge of the Indian and global markets.

Analytical and interpretative skills are required for a thorough understanding of the present changing work environment.

Flexible and cost-effective scalable services for recruiting firms with a long-term commitment.

Our HR services

Permanent Employee Staffing

Our permanent employment services provide you with access to completely screened and qualified candidates in any field. We have a dedicated team of experts who are committed to assisting your firm in achieving its business goals. Our system is flawless, ensuring that we provide our clients with the top prospects at any level, in the shortest amount of time.

Leadership Hiring

As part of their growth plan, companies continue to hunt for good executives. The problem is to link the aspirations of leaders with the organization's strategic directions. Experts – Manpower assists our clients in selecting ideal leaders for their organizations by leveraging our knowledge, network, and market research.

Easy Payroll Services

Payroll operations are designed to save time and money while also decreasing the requirement for in-house payroll personnel. It also entails the upkeep and acquisition of necessary software packages. Payroll outsourcing might save money depending on the intricacy of the company’s payroll needs. Payroll outsourcing service levels vary because some providers only supply a basic service while others take care of everything. Outsourcing Payroll Processing can result in significant cost savings for the organization, with reductions of up to 50% possible. Because the service quality is great, productivity is improved, and the organization is freed from non-income generating chores.

Training and Development

Our training and development methods are comprehensive in nature, addressing all skill gaps, future learning, and change management on our client’s end. Vibrant HR – use a set of interventions to improve and develop all of our client’s employees’ general and professional abilities, with the goal of improving basic knowledge and competency skills. Training and development aids in the development of leadership abilities, motivation, better attitudes, and other characteristics that successful workers and managers exhibit. All of the programs are led by highly experienced and well-respected training specialists with extensive experience in organizational learning and development. We provide a variety of business improvement packages based on diagnostic studies of the client model and the business environment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) covers clients’ end-to-end needs at all levels. This is something we propose for start-ups, new projects, plant expansion, team size scaling, and geographical extension of teams. We can use our internal resources to process huge volumes of responses, organize the hiring of appropriate staff, and handle administrative and logistical details.  When compared to other methods of sourcing, our prompt action plan saves the customer a significant amount of time and, most importantly, money. It eliminates the need for a fully staffed team of recruiters while yet providing a professional recruitment service. This offering’s selling point is that it provides full recruitment solutions at a reasonable price.